New Year’s Resolved

As the year 2015 comes to a close, I would like to compile a list of all my accomplishments. A look back on what I’ve done. A way to remember all the good and the bad. My New Year’s Resolved, I call it. I’m wanting to start this instead of creating a list of resolutions that I always seem to lose sight of within three weeks of setting them.

This list has no obligations. no sense of disappointment that comes with not following through with something. This list is a memory. The ending of a chapter. This is closure. I invite you to join with me in celebrating all you’ve done this year. Below you will find my list in the most chronological order I can keep.

2015: 365 days

YouTube Videos: 48

Hairstyles: 4

Road trip count: 14


I finally wrote a song – I started this in January and I finished in early February.

I got promoted to office manager – this was a long time coming. I had been working on this since before Black Friday 2014.

I moved apartments – I officially live alone. One bedroom one bath apartment with my own rent to pay and my own messes to clean.

I experienced the beauty (and pain) of the Blue Pool – this pool is in the middle of actual nowhere off the Mackenzie River somewhere between Eugene and Bend in Oregon. There is not one ounce in my body that wants to go back and see it again because I honestly almost died. That story I might save for  another day.

Started Rising Dawn Management with my best friend Pearl – although not much has come of it yet, I know that it holds so much potential and I don’t think I’ll ever give up on that. (as a side note, I’m still taking donations of books if you have any you would like to be taken off your hands I’m just a phone call away.) find out more about us here

Almost “adopted” my neighbors cat – you might be thinking, how can you “almost adopt” a neighbor’s cat. Well, listen. This cat was beautiful and majestic as heck and I need a companion, because as previously mentioned, I live alone. This cat was just chilling by my apartment and I snapped a few pictures of it and then all the sudden it decided to follow me into my apartment. How could I say no to that? I opened a can of tuna and it was love. This cat WANTED to stay with me, like Matilda wanted to be adopted by her teacher. It would have been wonderful but since I knew that it would be rude to keep another person’s cat for myself I directed him back outside for him to find his rightful owners and cried a single tear.

Helped surprise my family with the best gift EVER! – My brother and his wife were able to come home to Oregon after they finally got a spousal visa for Faith to be able to come to stay. One day Aaron asked to Skype and then next week I’m picking him up from the airport and we’re off on an adventure. We had to be sneaky sneaky about it. My mom was the hardest to fool, she’s got mother’s intuition after all. It was a blast though. Tears and laughter were shared all around as we got the family together for the first time since April 2014.

I went to Hawaii – this was the first trip I’ve been on that I chose to do. I mean, it’s not that I didn’t want to go on any of my other trips but this was so spur of the moment, once in a lifetime situations that I was so pumped about. I went with Pearl for a week and for the most part it was great. I won’t go into detail about it but I will tell you this: I swam with turtles and one of them thought I looked good enough to eat and that butt face BIT ME. He opened his little turtle mouth beak thing and put it on and around my elbow. Thankfully I have freaking cat-like reflexes and I moved before chomper could take a full bite.

I became an aunt to two nieces – now, I was already an aunt but that was just to the twins who are boys and now I have nieces. Now every time I go to a store I HAVE to stop by the kids section to look at the cute outfits that I want to get the girls. They’re going to be so well dressed when they’re older. I CAN FEEL IT.

That was my 2015 in a nutshell. Leave a comment below with your favorite memory from the year.

Until next time.


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