Pick Your Battles

I, like many people, work for a company that does not appreciate the work I do. For the most part I would say that I do not mind it. I’m a suffer in silence kind of person. I go to work, get things done and go home. If I was raised differently I might even be able to leave it at that but I was blessed with a mother who brought work home with her. Now, I don’t want to say that this is a bad thing by any means, sometimes it’s a necessity. My mother is such a hard worker and I like to say I got my work ethic from her. I don’t like to give up and I always stick with something until it’s finished. With that being said, work is never finished. Where I work, I am one of the go to people. My job title might be ‘Office Manager’ but my job description could be summed up as Store Mother. 

Can’t find something? Ask me. 

Confused about an SOP? I’ll clear it up. 

Didn’t get paid as much as you should have? I’ll figure it out. 

Because of that I have my email hooked up to my phone and everyone knows this. This means that even when I’m out of the store on my weekends I get emails and calls and texts asking for assistance. Generally speaking, I don’t mind this. I really don’t. However, this week it has been a struggle. It seems like every day there is a new battle being fought. Most of the time these battles have little to do with me but for some reason, there I am on the front line. Our tag line last year (and maybe still? I’m not really sure) is ‘one team, one goal’ which is very positive and inclusive. It means that even though we might not all be in the same store or even state, we are all working together for the same goal and that we shouldn’t tear one person down for messing up and that we should also own up to our own mistakes. And this isn’t happening.

I have been made to feel like so much less than I already do more than once in the last few days. I have tried to keep the peace between my store and the other store in the market and was shot down in the process. I relay a message that was relayed to me, and was called out and told I was wrong. I make my team follow the SOPs and then get told that I’m wasting the time of the salespeople. It makes me dread going to work. I didn’t enlist to fight in this war.

After all is said and done I wanted to give you what my boss gave me today. I sent her a quick email expressing my gratitude and at the end of her response she left me with this: “Get off your email and enjoy your day off, there’s some dancing to be done and tea calling your name.” And isn’t that true? I want to encourage you all to value your days off and use them to do something you truly enjoy. Everyone is allotted time off, whether it be a day off or even a vacation. You are allowed to take a break, even if you think something will fall apart without you. 



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