Vacation Is Over

Today is the last day of my vacation and it is by far the worst. This isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed my day this far, because I have. However, I am 100% dreading having to go back to work tomorrow. I spent a lot of time cooking this last week and I just have realized how much joy I get from doing that. I don’t think I would much like being a professional chef at like a restaurant or anything but I think I would love to incorporate cooking into something I do. I see so many food blogs I think that sometimes I could make this blog be one, but I fear I would give that up rather quickly. Because I haven’t been really cooking for a long time all of my recipes are copycats of what is already out there. I don’t know how to create a recipe on my own. With all that said, would you like to see recipes on this blog? I think I could do a meal maybe once every month or two and not get tired of it. Let me know what you think. Now back to what we were previously discussing. Vacation. It’s my last day off and it’s bittersweet. I feel so lazy because I really haven’t done much since I left work last Monday. To be fair I checked out a few days before that too. But it’s so hard for me to will myself to end the blissful downtime that I very much needed. I won’t lie to you and say that I am ever going to be adjusted to going to work where I am employed because it isn’t easy. Every morning when I wake up I am tempted to make that day my last shift. When I initially scheduled this vacation I had every intention of putting in my two week notice and having last Monday be my last day. But that clearly didn’t happen. 

I hope that this break will give me the necessary strength to keep pushing through. In my experience, the easiest months are coming up soon. If I can just make it until then I will be okay. I need something to keep my creative mind fulfilled while also staying at my job that offers financial security.

Do any of you work at a place that doesn’t quite mesh with your morals or standards but you stick with it because it offers financial stability? Let me know how you are able to balance your work life with home life. Do you take classes on the side? Cook and bake? Read? How do you make the most of your life outside of work to ensure you aren’t burnt out?

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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