Bonus Jonas 

Is that an actual thing or was it just something my brother and I used to joke about? It’s obviously about the Jonas brothers. You know how there were only three of them in the band but there was a fourth brother who was too young or whatever? I remember one day Aaron and I were talking about it and we started calling the youngest brother the bonus Jonas. I don’t know if we came up with that on our own of it is a common phrase among with people who are aware of the band and their family. 

Wow. That was all a mess of a story. Anyway, all of that to say hey hello here’s an extra blog this week. It is currently 12:34 the morning of Friday February 5th. I can’t sleep so I’m starting this post in hopes to work out some pent up energy. I keep thinking one thing or another is the problem but I’ve not taken into account the fact that I had coffee at like 6:30. That’s probably what’s done me in.

While I’ve been tossing and turning I realized I didn’t talk much about my actual vacation and I think I would like to. It may not have been super eventful but it was a welcomed break. 

Day one: I made lasagna and cucumber salad. Which was pretty good. I deserved a pat on the back for that one and I certainly got it. I didn’t do much that day except sit around playing a game on my phone. It was The Room Three. It was so good. I spent most of my time playing it saying “ugh I hate this game so much!” But we all know that’s what people say instead of admitting defeat. 

Day 2: this was my birthday. Hello 23! I went to breakfast with my dearest friend Alexa and we sat and chatted for what seemed like ages. I’m sure the waitstaff couldn’t wait for us to leave. We had milkshakes and everything was wonderful. That night I made honey sriracha chicken which was AMAZEBALLS. Honestly probably one of the best recipes I’ve ever found on Pinterest. 

Day 3: I spent most of this day reading. No regrets about that. I was reading a book called The Lace Reader and I stayed up until 2:15 the next morning to finish it. That night we had hamburgers and pasta salad for dinner which mom and I made together. Lovely bonding time. 

Day 4: I was so tired from staying up so late. But remember no regrets. I did it to myself and also #vacation. We had grits for breakfast and then it was off for a mother daughter day. By that I mean we went to Ross for 5 seconds and then headed to the grocery store where we spent the better part of the day. That night I think we had ribs. 

Day 5: I made my “famous” biscuits and gravy for the fam and then mom and I went out again. I’m on a quest to replace my favorite pair of black pants and nothing is coming close in comparison. I also met up with my sister for a short coffee date before heading back home to sit back and relax as my birthday meal was being prepped. We chose to have this meal Saturday so we could get the gang all together. All five thousand of us. Give or take a few. We had steak fajitas that were so delicious. 

Day 6: my last day in Eugene. Mom and I worked together to make a slow cooker pork chop meal. Also very good. You should hire me to cook for all of your events. (I also bake sometimes too.) Mom and I went out one last time to try and find a specific pair of shoes that I saw a while back that I fell in love with. I still have yet to find them in my size. Sad face emoji. Then I scooted my bum back up to Vancouver and called it a week. 

Well now that I’ve used all the words in my vocabulary I think I am finally ready to sleep. Thanks for hanging out with me for like, twelve hundred words. *octopus hugs* byeee


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