Night In

Boy, was today a roller coaster or what? This morning started by laying in bed until well past the time I should have. And then I spent a solid 5 minutes ranting about emails that I had. If I’m being honest, I do that all the time. Sorry Pearl!

After that I decided today would be the perfect day to make ravioli. Now, I’ve been craving this for weeks now and I’ve just gathered the motivation to do it. But I wasn’t about the take the easy way out. No way! I decided that I would be making it all from scratch. Which, in reality isn’t difficult in regards to the ingredients that are needed. For the pasta, it’s literally just flour, eggs and a pinch of salt. Mix it together until it starts to look like pasta dough. Voila. However, I don’t own a pasta roller. (I don’t know if this is the technical name of that device but you know what I mean.) so because of that I had do roll it out by hand.

If any of you have made ravioli, or really any stuffed pasta, you know that the dough needs to be AS THIN AS POSSIBLE. This means if you’re going to do it by hand that you’ll be at it for a while. I can already feel my forearm muscles getting stronger from it.

Boy oh boy. Let me tell you, even with all that elbow grease, I still couldn’t get the pasta as thin as it needed to be. Despite that I was still very pleased with how the dish turned out. If y’all want the recipe for it I will gladly write one up for you.

I also decided tonight would be the perfect time to make coconut rolls. I first had these when I went to the Philippines to be in my brothers wedding and I legit fell in love. If it ever becomes socially acceptable to marry food, this would be the one for me. I’ll admit that the ones I make are not anywhere close to the heaven that I tasted while over there but they are pretty tasty.

I’ve made these rolls so many times before. The first time I did so I burnt myself three times. That’s commitment. Since then, I’ve become more careful and also tweaked the recipe each time. This time the only thing I changed was the coconut. Usually I use the sweetened shredded coconut but I always feel like it’s too much for the rolls. So this time I went for unsweetened coconut and it worked a treat! This is the best one yet. I want to eat all of them right now but I figure that also might be frowned upon. 

Just tell me you wouldn’t want to do the same. Same thing here, if you want the recipe let me know and I’ll get it posted for you. 

Thank you for stopping by today. I’ll be back at it again next week with more words of wisdom and silver linings. Or maybe more food. The world is my freaking oyster!

(Does this make me a real chef? Comment below letting me know what meals I should try next)


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