I want to touch on the subject of self esteem. Now from an outside perspective it’s difficult to understand why someone could not love who they are. (Albeit there are some huge jerks that have NO problem loving themselves even if they need to take a look in the metaphorical mirror for a change.) 

You would think if lawyers can love themself after winning a case that even they knew was bogus that a person who is a gentle caring soul would have no trouble at all. 

Here is my take on things. We give people bits and pieces of who we are day after day. We constantly see the good in other people. We give them the parts of us that will help them on their path. Then we come home to see what’s left behind. The crack and holes in our souls, the less desirable parts thy make us human. We forget to see what we’ve given others every day. The renewable energies that might feel depleted at day’s end. We see the bags under our eyes, the illnesses, the clothes that don’t quite sit well on our bodies. We see brokenness, jealousy and even sadness. 

We can’t understand why others tell us how amazing we are regardless of the fact that we give everything we are to others to make a difference in their lives. You can’t pour from an empty cup, they say. This phrase is a means to tell us to care care of ourselves but I want to associate it with something else. As a reminder that each day we have more to offer everyone else. We couldn’t do that if we were only what we see when all is said and done.

My friend, you and I, we’re endless wells. We continue to grow and learn and love. No matter how many bumps we face, how many negatives we dwell on. We will always be someone’s bubble of happiness even if we can’t see it. We are rocks for everyone else and there will be times we need a rock for ourselves. 

So when the day comes to an end, I’ll be the mirror to remind you to love yourself. 

(If you’re wondering where that wonderful closing line is [mostly] from I encourage you to watch An Origin Story by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. It’s lovely.)


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