Forest Song

I’ve been spending a lot of time alone lately and most of that time is spent staring at the tree outside my bedroom window. I decided to write a poem dedicated to the year I’ve spent looking at that tree. I guess in reality this poem is not for or about that specific tree, rather all trees ever. And even still, maybe this isn’t for the trees after all. Maybe one day this poem will be analyzed by a groups of high schoolers and they can tell me what this poem is really about.

But for now, this is for the tree standing right outside my window.

Forest Song (Poem)
Oh tell me, trees
The secrets that you keep
Of late night stolen kisses
And tears poured at your feet

Say I’m not alone
When I wish upon a star
That he is wishing somewhere
Leaning up against your bark

Offer me your stories
Of dreams both new and old
Give me promise of adventure
To soothe my restless soul

Whisper words of wisdom
When I, with match in hand,
Bring destruction to your roots
Please help me to understand

Sing me calming lullabies
With rain tapping on your leaves
Let it drown out my sorrows
As I’m drifting off to sleep

Pass along my love
Should a stranger come to call
May it lift their endless worry
That is my prayer, after all


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