A Rant About Religion (Kind Of)

In moving away from home, I like to think that I learned a lot about Christianity. Maybe not what my family hoped I would learn, but I have learned it regardless. Should there come a time they read this post I would like to offer an apology up front. I am sorry that I do not fit with your version of religion. It isn’t that I do not believe, but rather I don’t believe in what is being taught.

You see, the God I know sent his son to this earth to offer forgiveness. The Jesus I read about spent time with the ones called sinners. He dined with them and still offered his love regardless of their past. The man in the bible would not boycott a store because he did not agree with a decision they made. He would not be closed minded. He would not hate. That is the God I would put my faith in.

I don’t know if many of you know me personally but you will know that I do not often speak of religion. Again, this isn’t necessarily because I lack faith. I don’t speak of it because I am saddened by what I observe from people who call themselves Christians. This is not to say all Christians are this way because I know many who are exactly what I would picture one to be. But I find it all too common for people of faith to be more like the Pharisees and less like God or Jesus.

Often I hear people calling someone out on their “sins” when that should not be our place. As Christ followers, it is our job to love as he would love. To be the best version of ourselves. To help those in need. It is not our place to judge those around us for any reason.

I really can’t tell you where I want this blog to go today. All I know is that I am tired of the heaviness I feel when I hear a “Christian” put down another person because they’re different. I will admit that I might not be religious in the way my family would like to see. However, I know that should I find my way to the Pearly Gates the God I learned about would not turn me away because I was imperfect in my life time. God would not smite me because I marked this body with tattoos or because I altered my appearance almost daily. God would welcome me with open arms because I would welcome him.

Through the remainder of the month all I can ask is, should you be religious at all, that you take a moment to pray for peace. Selfishly, for my own peace. But above that, that we pray for peace among all people. That we spend more time accepting others instead of putting them down. That instead of taking up arms, we open our arms to embrace our neighbors and strangers alike.

God bless.


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