Using Word Prompts and Failing

What I really love about this site is the daily word prompt they give you. I don’t use them often but Pearl does and they’re amazing. Anyway, today I was like wow I really love the prompt so I’m totally going to use it. Most often I use these as a way to improve my poetry and today was no different.

Today I went to the coast and found a way to write about that when the word prompt was city. Talk about mad skills, am I right?


I might never see the sunset
But these dazzling city lights
Start looking just like stars
If you stare at them just right
Today I left the busy streets
To walk along an empty path
Thought of finding where it led
But never thought of looking back
I came across the ocean
And waves came rolling in
I felt a sense of peace
Start growing from within
I never dared of dreaming
For something so profound
‘Til the water told it’s stories
Of all that it had found
So let go of expectations
And make the best of what you see
Like starry skies from cityscapes
And jagged roads from which they lead


I know I’m not posting this on my normal day but I’m kind of on “vacation” right now and it’s been hard to get away and just write. Aren’t you glad I had some time now?! I know, same.

Now that this is said and done, I hope you all had a good week. But if you didn’t, I hope your weekend is the most wonderful. 

Always keep fighting and never stop dreaming


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