A Grand Adventure

This weekend I will embark on an adventure. Three friends, one car and a 7.5 hour road trip to Meridian Idaho. We will not have much time there as there are jobs and responsibilities to return to on Monday but that will not dampen our spirits. When we were planning this trip we had no clue the logistics behind it. If we could afford it and if it was worth the long drive but ultimately it came down to me saying “think about the memories!” So here I am, getting myself packed for a weekend road trip not knowing what our travels will hold.

For a while now I’ve felt my life sitting on empty and I am hoping this trip will turn that around. So long I’ve dreamt of just packing up and going somewhere at the drop of a hat. And here I am doing just that! The idea of this journey is what has been keeping me going for the last month. Just knowing that soon I’ll be taking a trip I never expected. Leaving my hometown in my rearview mirror, if only for a few days.

I am so lucky to have good friends who were able to drop what they were doing to make this journey memorable. The three of us will be leaving Friday morning and then all four of us (since another friend is flying over to meet us there) will be retuning Sunday afternoon.

I personally think bets should be taken for who goes crazy first. Who will be the first to ask if we’re there yet. How many arguments will we get in? Will we get lost? This is so much fun! I honestly cannot contain my excitement!! Oh boy.

Tonight I’m going to keep this post short and sweet so I can reserve my creativity for next weeks blog. I’m certain I’ll tell you all about it then!

Stay tuned and live the adventure.


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