What I’ve Learned

This weekend I learned some things that probably have less to do with my trip to Boise and more to do with just me in general. However I’m going to compile a list of things that this weekend reminded me of or taught me in hopes that maybe it will help you on a future trip you might take.

  1. Don’t forget your only pair of “work out” shoes at home. Pack them first. And double check you have them before leaving. This is important.
  2. Do not ever go hiking in new shoes. Like seriously. If you want to be able to wear shoes again within the next few days. Don’t do this.
  3. Don’t forget to bring an inhaler if you have asthma. Or more importantly, don’t forget you have asthma.
  4. Maybe if you’re extremely out of shape, avoid hiking in general until you feel comfortable that you can make it up an easy trail without dying.
  5. Always keep your ID on you. Don’t ever think it will be easier to keep that in a backpack that you might take hiking because it will be easier to carry. Keep that in your pocket at all times. (This one mostly applied to people who don’t carry purses or wallets)
  6. If for any reason you decide to go hiking in new shoes, bring a pair of sandals to change into afterward. Your feet will thank you later.
  7. Although there is no need to plan events or activities ahead, if you’re going on a road trip, give yourself more than a day in a place you’re visiting. Although the memories will be there it is always sad to have to leave so soon.
  8. Last but not least, always bring along your friends with you if you’re going to make a crazy road trip for a weekend so you don’t get bored driving there. I would encourage getting in heated debates about unimportant topics and also pointing out all the animals you see along the way.

Here’s where I’m going to put in some pictures so everyone can imagine how much fun I had.

Saturday started with us going to breakfast at the Egg Factory. I didn’t document this because I probably forgot but I think I had an omelet, as per usual. Following breakfast I snuck off to target to buy shoes for the hike we would be going on since, like an idiot, I left my running shoes in my moms car after having gone to the coast last weekend with the family.

Once I selected my shoes we returned home (becky’s home that is) and prepared to go on our next adventure. This lead us out to what I am told is called Castle Rock. Which was also said to be an “easy” hike. I suppose that’s not to say it wasn’t easy, except I’m out of shape and also I have asthma. My lungs were sure to pay me back for not having an inhaler with me.

castle rock probably

When we made it to the top we took time for photo ops so as to not forget we made it. We mostly remained uninjured except for one of us who insisted on being impatient and jumping off the rock without any assistance. Good job Curley.

After we finished our hike we went to a place called The Reef for lunch. That is found in downtown Boise. It was nice. Everyone had drinks and food. Well, everyone but me and pearl because I just had to forget my debit card and ID. Brilliant am I right?

space bar downtown boise

Once everyone was satisfied we made our way through downtown on foot. We came across an arcade bar called Space Bar and spent some time reliving our youth. I spent most of my time sitting down because like a dumby, I went hiking in new shoes and all I got in return were some nice blisters on my heels. Before we left though we made sure to have a pinball tournament to see who could be the last man standing. It wasn’t me even though it should have been. Have you seen me play pinball on the computer before? I dominate. But I digress. Chris came in first place, Pearl in second and Katie in third. Bravo friends.

We spent a little extra time walking around Boise before heading back home to retrieve my debit card and then we were off to the grocery store to buy the makings of a barbecue.

ashley furniture family reuinion

We tucked in to some delicious steak, BBQ chicken, corn, potato salad and cucumbers for dinner. There was also the option of veggie burgers and some sort of hot dog sausage thing. It was a feast. I also found out that gin and tonic might be one of my favorite drinks. It’s so simple and refreshing. It accompanied dinner well. Not as well as sweet tea would have though. You know what they say, you can take the girl from the south but you can’t take the south from the girl. Actually on second thought, I don’t think anyone says that. But you know what I mean. Southern style sweet tea is the best way to top off a barbecue. No doubt in my mind.

Now that I’ve given a play by play of my adventures in Boise I want to say thank you to those who made it possible.

Thanks to Becky for saying I should come over and letting us stay at her house.  Thanks to Pearl for agreeing to join me and inviting Katie. Thanks to Katie for finding a way to go. And thanks to Chris for probably putting the most effort into getting there. This trip was so much fun and I’m so glad we were able to get together again. I hope it doesn’t take too long for us to do something like that again. I can only wish that next time we aren’t limited to a weekend.


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