More Than Pixie Dust

All it takes is faith and trust. Or so they say. That is not always the case. Sure there is a lot of faith and equally as much trust but there is also hard work that goes into making dreams come true. It’s not like this is news to me really but I always am just hoping that I will stumble upon something brilliant that is going to make my life what I imagined it would be by now. I spend so much time sitting at home dreaming of all the stories I want to tell and poems I want to write. I often think ‘if only I was better at writing’ and in doing so I’m selling myself short.

Growing up I was good at math. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before but that was my thing. You know, I even was moved up a grade halfway through first grade because of how good I was at it. Talk about nerd am I right? Well anyway, because I was naturally talented at that subject I always assumed that would be what I was meant to do. I put my efforts into classes that dealt with numbers and anything else I put on the back burner because it wasn’t something that was easy for me. Why focus on something that you’re not good at, right? I wish I had.

I became very lazy because I never challenged myself to be better. I was content ignoring the creative side of my brain while I barely even activated the analytical parts because it was just so natural to me. I could have been much farther in my life if only I had focused on constant improvement rather than what came easily.

When I went to college I was enrolled in higher math classes than my brain could comprehend. Like honestly calculus 4 blew my mind. So I stopped taking classes because I had learned at an early age that it wouldn’t be worth it if I had to actually work for it. How incredibly backwards that mindset was. That’s not to say that you can’t appreciate things that you can easily obtain but it’s so great to be able to finally get something you worked so hard for.

Has anyone seen the move the Princess and the Frog? The one that took place in New Orleans with the singing and stuff. I really like that movie but what I’m getting at is that, in the beginning of the movie miss Tiana was wishing on a star for her dreams to come true. Her dad came in and told her that, although wishing on stars is not a bad thing, you can’t expect that to work all the time especially if you don’t put any effort behind it. (I’m clearly a fake fan because I can’t just give you the conversation verbatim.) It was comforting to see that exchange though. It’s not that I grew up not knowing that but it’s so easy to forget that you still need to work if you want to make progress.

It has been a while since I shared a poem with you so here’s one I wrote today that inspired this post. I hope you enjoy.

How do I tell the girl
Who is wishing on my stars
Hoping her dreams might come true
That praying only goes so far
No one got to where they are
Without chasing what they want
But if you need a listening ear
I will gladly be your confidant
Instead of giving me your maybes
Tell me stories of your now
Walk me through your plans
And I can show you how
Fairy tales aren’t merely luck
And waiting for stars to align
But if that’s what you need
Take this as your sign
Young girl, hold your head up high
You are capable of this and more
All it takes is forward motion
To reach the things you wish for

The clock is ticking. Don’t give up your dreams because you don’t think they’ll come true. All it takes is faith and trust, and an equal amount of elbow grease.


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  1. C. Mosser says:

    “Chasing what they want,” was my reading. I enjoyed the post. I wanted to write, but yes it does need exercise. Writing I mean, for myself. And for what others may want. I used to think proofing would be an easy job. But I’m not sure such things exist apart from as an editor and I have serious doubts about myself doing anything nearly as cool as that now. Still, I have started a blog so baby steps for me perhaps? Everyone has to start somewhere right?


    1. Oh thanks! I read these posts a million times before I post them after a plethora of embarrassingly unedited blogs on my previous site. I still can’t catch all the typos.
      I’ve been thinking about being an editor a lot lately. I think it would be cool but I also am really bad at concentration and my reading is usually more skimming.
      Everyone stars somewhere. I wish you the best of luck!

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      1. C. Mosser says:

        Everyone must start somewhere in deed. I do enjoy your posts so I hope to see more as it comes thank you. ^_~. I draft on paper before typing up so maybe it helps a bit. Familiarity with the text as written I find blinds me to such errors really easily so transposing it irons out some bits automatically. I only hope whatever I make is enjoyable and readable for many, more than just me (before my typos are pointed out)!

        Happy Tuesday!

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  2. C. Mosser says:

    Or maybe “Chasing what, the want?”

    Just thought a bit more… Sorry if my comments seem silly. That’s more about me than you if they are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate them! Thank you. It was supposed to be what they want.

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