Never Love a Writer

It’s been a hot second since I posted poetry so I figured, why the heck not? I started this poem maybe a week ago and I think I like it. I know I say this every time I post one but this is probably not this poems final form. I really want to be able to put all of the poems I write this year into a book or something. That would be so cool. Anyway, here’s the poem. I hope you enjoy

Never Love a Writer (poem)

You should never love a writer
Because we’re a haunted breed
But if you do not mind the ghosts
Here’s a list of what you need
Of course there’s faith and trust
To let us venture out alone
It’s not that we don’t want you
But there’s a pull deep in our bones
Calling for our solitude
In mothers nature’s woods
And it offers us a peace
That others never could
And then there’s understanding
That demons come and go
But that storms reach us more frequent
Than the sun that soon will follow
We need help finding balance
Between the darkness and the light
So give us open arms
That hold us through the night
If you choose to love a writer
Love us for our now
And we will give love in return
The only way that we know how
We will etch your name in stone
So that you can live forever
Leave no story left untold
of the love we shared together

(I would love to hear your feedback in the comments)


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  1. I question, is everyone a writer, returning love the only way they know how ?


    1. I mean realistically everyone is a writer yes. But for the purpose of the poem I would say that no not everyone is.
      Also see, that’s where I was stuck. I wanted to carry the poem on about “how” a writer would return love but I kinda didn’t feel like it. How would you return love as a writer? For me, I would write them into everything I create. I don’t know if that makes sense?

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      1. Yes it does, the type of love that is shown is a write’s inkwell.
        Thank you for a wonderful poem.

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    2. I added one more verse that maybe ties it all up. Feel free to take a look.


  2. mrsreckless says:

    We really are a haunted breed, aren’t we? But we’re definitely worth loving 🙂 Loved the poem. Beautifully written!


  3. I love it when I find someone who, in describing themselves, describes me. It doesn’t happen often, but this poem speaks to me, and the rhythm and rhyme are great – very smooth.

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    1. Yay! I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback!

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  4. Love this, And I feel the way. I truly believe writers write, to make up stories and to escape. Not saying our lives are in any way terrible. I love my life, but to create a new one to where we can escape. I think Ill write a poem about that too.

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    1. Can’t wait to read it!!!

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  5. This is incredible! I think you are forgetting another very significant, very unique experience when loving a writer as well though. When you leave a writer. We experience and express heartbreak differently. Unlike with many, I think, when you leave a writer the story is not fully finished. We keep going. We keep writing in it. For some this is an intimidating concept to grasp. They fear the pressure of immortality. Others consume us for the sake of it.


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