The Voices (poem)

Hi Friends!

This poem is a little different than my usual style. Instead of 4 line stanzas they’re 8 lines. Holler. That just means this is a long poem. Maybe not longer than Dear Moon, but you get the picture. Let me know your thoughts on this piece in the comments.

Before you get started I might should give you a brief warning. This poem is obviously about mental illness (as my poetry typically is.) I was up late the night I started this poem with anxiety about what I had to do the following day. I honestly did everything I could to try and calm down. I played my guitar. I looked for remedies online. I even tried all the breathing techniques I was taught in the relaxation class I took in college. Nothing was helping. So this poem was born.

I thought about making a video of me “performing” this, but I’m not comfortable with my speaking voice so I changed my mind. I do think it would be good as a quick spoken word piece. If any of you want to perform it, let me know. I would love to hear it. #nopressure

I can’t stop it
From consuming me
The voices
Sing alluring melodies
As their poison
Pulses through my body
Burning up my soul
Like electricity

Can you hear
My desperate cries
Maybe just a whisper
Or a look in my eyes
I don’t have the words
But I promise that I tried
To fight the pull
Of their promising lies

Can’t catch my breath
As these waters pull me under
The storm is coming
With lightening flash and roll of thunder
All are called home
Both the prey and its hunter
But I’m stuck here
As the price of my wonder

I can’t tell you
What it is that I’ve learned
Or how to walk through fire
Without being burned
I only now know
What caused them concern
Because once you’re gone
You cannot return

And I know
It’s too little too late
That this poem
Might never translate
Because I can hear
The voices celebrate
That victory comes
To those who wait

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  1. I’ve always been fascinated with spoken and slam poetry and I definitely wonder how this would fit in and the rhythm it would have if read out loud and delivered by say, the author or an interpreter. Do you think there is a specific…method of delivery…assigned to this particular piece of writing? Like, do you already hear it in your head a certain way?


    1. I always read over my poems out loud before I “complete” them to make sure it flows easily with syllables. But other than that I don’t have a certain way that I hear it. I really love slam poetry but I haven’t quite been able to conquer the writing side of it. I’ve got the rhyming patterns down but spoken word doesn’t always rhyme and that’s throws me off. I had such an aversion to poetry that didn’t rhyme when I was younger that it’s made it difficult now to try it out myself.

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      1. I think the moment a teacher let me know that not all poetry has to rhyme was like the grand revelation that maybe I could actually be a part of that world. It’s the rhyming scheme that for me is the hardest part of being able to write poetry. I never have to worry about cadence or rhythm with my writing so it’s a completely foreign concern. I wouldn’t even know how to start but the fact that truly effective poetrt like yours keeps that in mind always is so impressive. I think this would be great considering most slam poetry is just so loud and angry and blindly frantic that yours would display the same level of emotion and honesty and grit without having to scream into a mic to create ‘passion’.


      2. Oh my gosh, that’s so kind! I wouldn’t mind getting to scream into a microphone though. Maybe one day!

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  2. desiree says:

    absolutely gripping.

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  3. Rebekah
    Your poem is amazing, rich in format and style
    you ask to read it in a fast frantic state
    i edited you poem to remove all line breaks and capitalization then your eyes fly through the poem the cadence and rhyming are still there but there is no place to breath and i feel more of the consuming anxiety your writing about . i hope you do not mind

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    1. Of course. Thanks so much!


  4. yuhublogger says:

    This is so wonderfully written. Only a person who has felt it for real could write this way. I have a few posts describing a character’s mental state as well. If you can, please do check it out.

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