5 Years: A Look Back

Five years ago, if you asked me where I wanted to be by now I don’t think it would be this. I had bigger dreams than this. Which is not to say that I don’t appreciate the last five years of my life because I’ve grown so much in that time. This just isn’t what I had in mind.

Five years ago I was 18 years old starting my second year of college. I was beginning to realize that I didn’t have my heart set on becoming a math teacher and started exploring other options. I was living in a house with three girls I barely knew, traveling to and from my hometown every weekend to work. I had both security and adventure and I strongly believed that was just the start.

If you asked me where I saw myself in five years, I might have told you that I wanted to be an interpreter or a world traveler. I could have told you that I wanted to live in a big city working as a bartender at night while being a make up artist or hair stylist during the day. The possibilities were endless

Now here I am, five years later, having accomplished none of what I planned and I am okay with that.

Looking back at my 18-year-old self, I had no idea who I was at that time. Five years ago I was just barely becoming my own person. Unraveling the life my parents had made for me and building one for myself. The things I wanted to do at that time are still things I want to do but at the time I wanted them for the wrong reasons.

I wanted these things because they were so drastically different from the life I had known up until that point. I won’t lie and say that I don’t wish I had been able to do more things after leaving my hometown. I will tell you that five years ago, I wasn’t ready to do those things.

I have been an adult for five years now and I can tell you that life doesn’t ever work out the way you planned. Which, again, isn’t always a bad thing. If you create five year plans just be prepared for change. I am a completely different person to who I was five years ago, how much more different will I be in five years from now? Who knows.

On that note, change isn’t bad. Change isn’t always drastic. Change isn’t always for better or worse. Change is just different, and that’s okay.

The next time you’re asked where you want to be in five years, think about who you wanted to be by this point in your life five years ago. Did it work out smoothly? Have your dreams changed? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t meet your goals. Don’t feel like you have to reach something bigger and better if you don’t want to.

In five years, no matter what I’m doing, I want to be happy doing it. I won’t limit my possibilities with strict plans to follow through with.

The next five years I will spend allowing myself to have fun and follow any dream I want to regardless of how foolish they may be.

Five years from now, I want to be living life to the fullest. Without worry or fear.

Where will five years take you?

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  1. I’m glad to see that you can live with knowing you are not where you had planned and that you are still happy and can appreciate all the change that comes!

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  2. apdeulofeu says:

    I like very much your post!
    Nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award: https://uncaminodehojassecas.wordpress.com/2016/09/17/the-sunshine-blogger-award/
    Hope you accept it 🙂


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