The Center of Attention

I hate being the center of attention. My family will disagree with that statement if you ever asked them but that’s a different scenario entirely.

At the place I am in life right now, I don’t like attention. I want to fade into the background and not be noticed unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes I worry this makes me look like I’m ungrateful for the appreciation I receive but I’m good with a letter or something without everyone else knowing. This, however, was not always the case.

When I was younger I used to love the spotlight. I was certain I would grow up to be an actress. I remember my first day of kindergarten at my new school. I walked in and pretended to faint because my tiny brain thought it would be the perfect way to make friends. At least I have a memorable story to tell. I think that if I had continued to go to that school I might have been part of the popular crowd

I don’t know exactly what point in my life I stopped liking the attention I used to crave as a kid. In high school, I was on the cheer team but I definitely wasn’t part of the “cool” group. I don’t think I really cared much about it though. I think my high school years were spent being very indifferent to any attention. Although I didn’t hang out with the popular kids, I wasn’t necessarily unpopular. People knew who I was. Looking back, I can recall people actually saying hello to me in the halls and addressing me by name even though I was so sure I was invisible. It’s crazy how different it seemed when I was in the middle of it.

The person I am now wants to be able to do things and make a difference without being the center of attention. I want to fade into the background quietly making the world a better place. So here’s to that. Here’s to me, here’s to you, and here’s to us!

What is this blog about, you might be asking by now. Well I don’t know. I think I’m just trying to fill the void that was today’s blog post. I started this post a few weeks ago but never really finished it. I had the song Center of Attention by On The Rocks stuck in my head and it sparked this post I guess.

I didn’t have anything else prepared for today so I hope you’ll accept this as an apology for a sub-par post. Next week should be better but today I just needed a break.


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