Veggie Tales: A Challenge

First and foremost, I need to preface this. I was thinking of names for this series and my brain immediately thought of Veggie Tales and I laughed for the rest of the night about it. For those of you who might be confused, VeggieTales is a series of children’s videos that were centered around values and bible stories. These were, as you can imagine, portrayed through characters who were vegetables. Fruits and veggies. As it turns out, both tomatoes AND cucumbers are fruit.


By now you might have guessed where I’m going with this, but if not, let me explain. For a while now I have been dreading making meal plans, which is very sad. Meal planning and cooking are some of my favorite things. Back in 2012/2013 after losing my job and dropping out of college, I found myself back at my parents house with nothing to do but sit around hoping for something good to come my way. That being said, I starting using my time more productively to create meal plans that helped us get out of the boring routine we were so accustomed to. I was tired of having the same three or four meals every week and I needed a change. I feel that same feeling now. I’ve become used to the meals I’ve been making and I want something different.

I am going to be challenging myself to stick to a vegetarian diet for 30 days starting in 5 days. I know this is shocking. However, this is not the first time I have done this.

When I was a freshman in college, my friends and I had a competition to see who could be vegetarian the longest. I don’t remember how many of us started this but I remember one girl failed on the first day and then it was down to two of us by Thanksgiving break. We had made it for a full 30 days and likely could have continued but I didn’t want to inconvenience my family by having them make me a veggie friendly dish on turkey day. The two of us made an official agreement to take a break for the weekend and then come back and continue on. We never started again.

Although the agreement was official and documented with signatures and witnesses, I’m sure Megan would still say that she won because I initiated the break. (This was serious business, I can assure you.)

So how does all of this tie together? Honestly, laziness. There are many days that I don’t want to pull meat out of the freezer to be thawed in time for dinner. Because of that, there are many days that I go without a well balanced meal. I find that I am so dependent on meat to be part of a main course dish that if I don’t have any ready to use, I won’t have anything at all. By choosing to challenge myself to 30 days of a vegetarian diet I am forcing myself to start thinking outside the box.

Most people who choose to cut meat out of their diet usually do so because of health benefits and to oppose animal cruelty and that’s great. More power to them . They’re probably more likely to stay on track. I’m doing this because I want to be able to have “lazy days” that don’t involve me eating a bag of chips for dinner because there’s “nothing” to eat. I’m doing this to rekindle my love of cooking and meal planning. Any other benefits of this switch will just be a welcomed addition.

Have you found yourself stuck in a rut with cooking and eating the same meals over and over? I want to challenge you to join me. Starting October 10th, I will be giving up meats for 30 days. I will be keeping a journal of my experiences that I will hopefully be able to put into a neat weekly blog for you to keep up with. I would love if you helped keep me accountable.

In the comment section, leave your favorite meatless meals and let me know if you’re going to join me. I would be so happy if I didn’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to worry about Thanksgiving if you’re from the US. The 30 days will be over by then. (Have I convinced you yet?)


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  1. More power to you but I can’t go a day without meat. Doesn’t have to be a lot or even every meal. But at least once a day I better assert my position in the food chain.

    For ease, speed, and comfort, pasta will be your best friend. Keep a well stocked pantry of different kinds of dry pastas.

    Two of my personal favorite quick comfort meals are spaghetti cacio e pepe and aglio e olio. Alright fine if I sound too pretentious it’s basically ‘cheese and pepper’ and ‘garlic and oil’.

    Cacio e pepe is quick and easy. Boil pasta in very salted water. Melt butter in a pan and add FRESH ground black pepper (you can afford this luxury and it will CHANGE your life). Let it cook and sizzle in the butter for a minute to infuse. Turn off the heat. Once the spaghetti is al dente, add the noodles to the butter and pepper. DO NOT DRAIN THE WATER. Add an irresponsible amount of grated parmesan. Use the real stuff. Make America grate again. If the sauce of butter, pepper, and cheese seems too dry, add spoonfuls of that salted flavored pasta water (it’s an incredible enhancer). Keep modifying to your desired consistency. I like a thick enough sauce that it clings to the noodles but runny enough to slap you in the face and prevents the noodles from sticking to each other.

    Aglio e olio is very much the same process only instead of infusing pepper into cheese you infuse garlic into EVOO. Boil pasta in very salted water. Add EVOO to COLD pan and bring to temperature. Add thinly sliced garlic (think enough to end a date) and gently simmer until aromatic. Turn off heat. The garlic will continue to slowly cook. If you let it brown with the heat on, by the time you turn it off it’ll burn and turn bitter. So stop it when it’s still pale but aromatic. Once more, same process of adding the pasta and cheese and using the pasta water to temper the thickness of the sauce. Once it’s done chop some parsley and add to noodles and toss. Serve to Scarlett Johannson as she looks at you with those bedroom eyes. (Watch Chef if that doesn’t make sense. Hahah.)
    Buon apetito!

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    1. I never expected to laugh so much reading recipes. Thanks!

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      1. Right on. Always happy to help feed the soul and the stomach. Enjoy. Hahah.

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