Not Really An Update

Hey friends! Is it just me or does this week feel like it’s gone on forever! I think it’s just because I spent so much time planning for my vegetarian adventure. I’m 9 days in and I’m starting to organize my next meal plan. Look at me go!

If I’m being honest, I don’t have much to update you on this week. I wasn’t going to post but I know that at this point, If I miss one week, I’ll miss a lot. So here I am, writing.

For a while now I’ve been trying to prepare blogs to post in advance so I don’t feel so rushed on the day of but the one I had planned for this week just didn’t seem right to post anymore. Instead I’m just fumbling around trying to find something worthwhile to say.

This week has been pretty fun in regards to cooking. I’ve made soups and pastas and other delicious meals. What I can tell you though is that I REALLY don’t like fake meat. I would rather just eat vegetables which I suppose is a really good thing.

I’ve made mushroom risotto, broccoli cheddar soup, and red pepper pasta. All very good.I would highly recommend. This week I think my only struggle with this has been switching all of the chicken stock for veggie stock. I know that seems pretty trivial but veggie stock is really salty and it throws of the flavors of some of the dishes. When I made my spinach tortellini, I couldn’t finish it because of how salty it tasted.

I guess everything had it’s ups and downs but overall I’m really enjoying this vegetarian meal plan but boy could I go for a burger. Or I could go for wings. No, definitely bacon. I had a dream the other night that I had accidentally eaten meat. Like, who does that? I don’t know.

Anyway, that’s really all I have to say today. I’ll catch ya later.


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