Updates and Loose Ends

Tonight I’m sitting at my desk listening to my moody music playlist on Spotify, trying to find the words again. I was hoping that by getting everything set up exactly how I wanted it that I would be hit with a wave of inspiration. I was wrong.

So since I have no direction for this post I hope you’ll stick with me for another week of updates and tying up loose ends.

You might be wondering about Veggie Tales and why I never concluded it. Are you? I can’t hear you so I’ll tell you regardless of your answer.

I did it! I went the full 30 days without any meat. I won’t lie and say it was easy because it wasn’t, especially after the first two weeks. I never got around to making a second meal plan so I spent the last two weeks just making last minute meals and it seemed to work out. On top of that, the last few days of the challenge I was in the process of moving and I wanted nothing more than to just eat everything in sight, but I stuck with it!

The day after I finished the challenge I had bacon, not just a couple slices either. I had SO MUCH bacon I thought my body was going to explode. It didn’t. However, now that the challenge is complete I have found myself still leaning towards eating meatless meals, because why not? They taste good and are often quicker and cheaper to make. Those are like my two top priorities when it comes to cooking!

I told you I was moving again about two weeks ago and I did. I am mostly moved in and organized here. Although I don’t love it, I am learning to accept it.

I spent this weekend painting my room. It was purple and green when I moved in and now it’s gray. Once I finished up painting I then spent a day deciding where all my furniture was going to go. This is the most crucial part of setting up because I like it to be perfect. I have always liked to measure everything I have first and map it out before actually moving anything. Sometimes I sketch the room and objects on paper and sometimes I just visualize. This time, however, I used tape.

When I bought the paint for my room I obviously needed to invest in painters tape so I wouldn’t get any paint on the floors but I bought WAY too much and had no other use for it. So I used that to tape where different pieces would sit along the walls and then once I finally got a layout I thought would work, I mapped it out along the floor to make sure I would still have plenty of living space. It was quite the adventure.

That brings us up to today. I spent my day setting up all of my remaining furniture. I put my books on the shelves and organized my desk so I could use it for my laptop AND my make up. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Or at least, I think I am. My brain is still checked out and I’m just waiting for it to catch up. I hope it sorts out soon as I would like to enjoy the holidays coming up. I’ve had too many bad winters, I think it’s about time for a good one!

Okay, I think that’s all for updates and loose ends. What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments!


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