Am I a Serial Killer?


There is a 0% chance that I am or ever will be. Now listen, I know that most (if not all) serial killers would say that but have you ever even been around me? Near death experiences shake me to my core. They don’t even have to be mine, or real for that matter. If unexpected pain is involved, I’m not.

Why the title for this blog then, Rebekah? Because #clickbait and also because I’ve been reading a lot of serial killer related articles lately. Why? I don’t know. Sometimes you just have questions that beg to be answered.

The questions:

  1. What percentage of serial killers will end up killing their family?
  2. Do these families know they’re related to a serial killer?
  3. Do high profile killers get mad about copy cat killers or are they flattered?

The answers:

I know that my research should have come up with more than that but if I’m being honest, research is exhausting. I can tell you all sorts of things that I found out that are irrelevant to those questions though. For example, one article stated that the average serial killer (with an IQ of 90-110) will likely either use a gun or strangulation, a killer below average is more likely to use poison whereas one above has more often used a bomb. Like why is that thing? Now we have more questions.

Such as:

  1. What is the correlation between IQ and a killer’s MO?

Is this question answered? Partially.

Another article breaks down some stats in graphs for easy viewing and it also states that IQ and method of kill is linked but it doesn’t really tell us why. What it says is the lower the IQ, the messier and more direct the kill is. Come on Internet. I want to know why. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do. I probably need to talk to some sort of forensic psychologist to research this so I can finally get some real facts.

Do you ever get sucked down a rabbit hole of weird questions like this? I think my family might be getting worried about me. Sometimes there are just questions you shouldn’t obsessed over.

I think the reason this all came up was because of the wonderful American election. Back when Ted Cruz was running there was this joke that he was the Zodiac killer, which I found hilarious. But I was talking to my brother about that one day and I realized that I actually knew nothing about it and it at all. Of course to be able to fully explain the story to my brother I needed facts. I needed to know why he was called the Zodiac and then I needed to read all of the letters sent to the papers from him. Then I needed to solve the last cipher because I freaking love puzzles. And also mysteries. I really should get back to that…Maybe I could become rich and famous. I wonder if it’s been solved yet.

Okay. I think that’s enough from me. This is going to give me mad nightmares! Anyway, thanks for stopping by for whatever this was.

Ps. Are you doing anything exciting for the holidays?


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  1. Here’s a fun question for you!

    While at the funeral of her own mother, a young woman met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much the dream guy that she was searching for that she fell in love with him immediately.

    However, she never asked for his name or number and afterward could not find anyone who knew who he was.

    A few days later the girl killed her own sister.

    Question: Why did she kill her sister?

    You could cheat, and look this up online, but if you don’t and answer it honestly, I’ll tell you what it might interestingly reveal about yourself. Hahah.

    Oh and not really. Same as usual. But the lead up is always more fun anyways with all the parties.

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    1. Uh… hmmm. Maybe her sister killed her mom and tried to killer her too #selfdefence. Pretty sure the guy in the story is irrelevant. What’s the answer???

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      1. The girl’s reasoning was that if the man of her dreams showed up at her mother’s funeral, there’s a good chance he’d show up at her sister’s as well. Congratulations, you’re not a psychopath. Hahah.


      2. I love it!!!!! That makes sense. I should have thought of that

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      3. Hahah. Next time you just have to think more…psycho-y.

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      4. I’ll remember that

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