New Year’s Resolved 2016

We’ve done it friends. It’s been a whole 366 days since I posted my first blog on this sight. Can you believe I stuck with this all year?

It feels only natural that I create another list like I did last year to wrap up the year. This year held a lot of change and growth for me on a personal level but I don’t know that the things I’ve accomplished this year really reflects that. Last year I kept track of road trips and YouTube videos I made and this year, although I attempted, I stopped keeping track so my numbers might be slightly wrong. I’m going to do my best to give you a run down of my year regardless.

2016: 366 days

Books read: I lost count (probably like 15 max. It was a bad year for reading)

Road trip count: too many but not enough

Blog Posts: 63


Started my blog – I know technically my first post was December 31st, 2015 but for the purposes of this list, we’re going to count that as a 2016 accomplishment. We’ve been through a whole 12 months of ups and downs together and I can’t wait for 12 more. Although, I hope there are more ups to come.

I rekindled my love of poetry – Up until this year I had not really put a lot of thought into the poetry I wrote. I do have maybe 5 or 6 poems I wrote at the end of 2015 but it was just beginning of what would come to light in 2016. This year I think I’ve written more than I ever have before.

I quit my job – You know, the one I worked so hard to get the promotion for? I managed to make it past a year in the position which was longer than any of the current office managers in the region had made it. I even stuck with the company longer than two years which made it officially the longest job I’ve ever had and also means that I was there longer than my best friend. I wish I felt good bragging about it so I could rub it in her face but it’s honestly not even worth it.

I moved, again – I think since 2010 I have moved on average once a year and I’m getting really tired of it. This year I had a weird month that I was “homeless” before moving into my new place. That was an interesting time.

A weekend in Boise – This was by far the most spur of the moment road trip I’ve ever been on. When I quit my job one of my old coworker suggested that I go and visit her in Boise and I said I would. I say it was spur of the moment, not because we decided last minute to go but because we didn’t really put a lot of thought into it. I roped my best friend into going and then we each invited other friends from the company we used to work for. It was like a family reunion. We had no clue what we were going to do only that we were going. I don’t regret a second of it. Honestly, if I could do a trip like that again, I would in a heartbeat. (If any of my friends are interested, let me know. I’ll drive as long as it’s not my car. Those are the rules)

I went vegetarian – for 30 days at least. It was a difficult run. I predicted I would be good for the first two weeks and it would get harder after that and not did that hold true. Halfway through the challenge all I wanted was a steak. I don’t even like steak that much!

I moved again, again- you heard me right. As much as I wanted to stay where I was, I couldn’t. It was financially irresponsible among other things.

Started a new job- after over 6 months of searching and interviewing I finally was hired on as a receptionist for a real estate company. Not much to say here except finally!

I think that about covers it. I would love to hear about some of the things you did this year. if you fancy, leave a comment below telling me all about it. I will see you all next year!


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