We’re about to Start Poetry Mondays off with a bang!

This poem is about nihilism and just a breakdown of what it is really. For those of you who don’t know, nihilism is just the belief that life is meaningless. That sounds morbid but I suppose it’s all dependent on how you look at it. Sure you can think that life is meaningless and take that as a reason not to bother trying at all. However, there are plenty of people who take that to mean that because it’s inherently meaningless, you get to create your own meaning. They find comfort in the fact that they are free to do as they please because there is no end goal they need to reach.

I understand for those of us who are religious, it’s very hard to believe that this could even be considered but regardless I find it an interesting topic. So I went a wrote a bloody poem about it, didn’t I?

Nihilism (a poem)

In the end we’re all the same
No matter what you believe
Our bodies laid to rest
Decomposing like fallen leaves
We’re a walking consciousness
Held up with skin and bones
Though we’re curious in nature
We created all we’ve known
Like all that’s good or bad
Truth is merely just subjective
And everything can change
If you shifted your perspective
I used to think I mattered
With a predetermined worth
Like some higher being planned
My time upon this earth
But I am just a pin prick
On the timeline of the universe
While I see this as a blessing
Others might see it as a curse
There is no obligation
Or standards to be met
So I’ll live life to the fullest
And not be worried you’ll forget
Because I am mine alone
Not a villain or a hero
But either way I’ll leave a story
And that’s the best way I could go

Wasn’t that fun? I would say so. Thanks for joining me for my first Monday poetry post. This might be a bit controversial but it’s fun to explore different viewpoints isn’t it? Until next time.


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