Stream Of Consciousness

How is today Wednesday? I mean, I understand how it’s Wednesday but I feel like I just posted something and here I am writing again. I guess this schedule change is going to be more difficult that I thought. We’ll get there though. I know I can do this!

Do you ever have those days that just seem to drag on forever? That was yesterday for me. It wasn’t for any particular reason. I wasn’t having a bad day necessarily and I wasn’t waiting for anything. It just felt like the hours were dragging on and on and on. It was miserable.

What about days where the time just seems to slip away? One second it’s 8:15 and you’re waiting for people to show up to a conference call and the next its 1:30 and you haven’t had lunch yet. That’s been today. It’s not even that I’ve been that busy or anything. It’s just a normal day. Maybe that happens to everyone after a long day?

If you don’t mind me being honest with you here, I don’t have anything planned to write today but I still feel terrible I didn’t get it posted at my normal time. When I schedule these posts to go up, I always set them for noon so I can have a nice consistent schedule. I feel all out of whack because I missed it today. We will prevail though.

How have you been doing on your resolutions so far? Keeping up the momentum, I hope. If not, that’s okay. Don’t get too down on yourself. You can always start over.

My brain feels like it’s going a millions miles a minute here. How do I fix that?

What are you current music faves? I haven’t changed my playlist in a while and I’m looking for some new jams. Leave suggestions in the comments.

What are your thoughts on stream of consciousness blogs. I feel like maybe they come across better in video form but I’m not about to pop out my camera and post that here today. Not while I’m at work.

I’m going to cut myself now because this is getting to be a mess. Friday I have a post that is kind of along the self improvement theme of Friday’s. I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Paul says:

    I normally don’t like putting links to my blog in people’s comments section buuuut since you asked for music suggestions and I just did a post about music, maybe you’ll find something you like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. 10/10! So many of those songs are so good

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Paul says:

        Happy to help!


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