What Is Home: A Collection Of Unanswered Questions

I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately. Things like, what home is and what it means and where it is now. I suppose it’s different for everyone.

Home can be where you were born. Home might be what holds the most memories. Home could be where you were raised, or maybe it’s the first place you moved to on your own.

The other day I smelled something and noted how it smelled just like home and I got weird looks from my brother when he asked if I really considered Enumclaw home. I don’t consider it home necessarily but at one point it was. For three years of my life, home smelled like cow farms and the pickle factory on the main road leading to our house. It’s hard to forget that smell.

When does a place stop being home and more of just a place you used to be? Home is in Louisiana where I was born, and it was in Enumclaw with the pickles and cows. Home was where I grew up. Home was Portland and Vancouver and now here. Can you only have one home? What if I move again and none of these places are home?

A couple days ago my mother and I were discussing moving and if she and my dad would ever move to a different house and it really got me thinking about this. If they move will I feel a sense of loss? Will I feel like I lost my home because the memories I associated with home won’t have a physical building tied to it any longer? Will I regret having moved away when I did. Will I regret not cherishing it when I had the chance?

If they move again I won’t be able to tell the story of how we used to live right around the corner and be able to show someone how close I really mean. I won’t be able to visualize us pushing the piano down the street from the old house to the new one. Will the few memories I have of this home be out of place,like deja vu? Something that seems familiar but shouldn’t be?

I know I’ve written about home before, twice before and I will again before the year is up, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder.

Where is home for you? Do you still associate where you grow up with home or is home where you are now. What will always remind you of home? Let me know in the comments. I look forward to reading them!

Also, I know I sort of cheated with the word prompt today but it’s close enough. (like really, they’re prompts. It doesn’t have to be exact)

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