This one is from summer last year. At the time a couple of my friends were going through a rough time and I was their go to and it really took a toll on me. My anxiety decided it wanted to run a marathon and shot through the roof, so I ended up just shutting down and not wanting to talk to anyone. Super fun. My grandparents had been up to visit too so it was difficult to find some time alone without feeling like I was being rude. Anyway. Here’s wonderwall.

Short shallow breathing
Like my lungs never learned
The space the have to grow
For fear of being burned
Anxiety gripping like fists
Settling deep within my chest
In an instant I am frozen
And I cannot run or even rest
It is met with good intentions
Of support and understanding
But nothing seems as honest
As the feeling that’s expanding
Shrouding me in fear and doubt
An overwhelming uncertainty
Of what is next to come
No course to avoid calamity
You can’t save me from this struggle
But please know that it’s okay
Though this panic steals my night
The sun will bring another day

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I have had anxiety and panic disorder for 60 years now.


  2. Kashia says:

    Loved this poem 🙂


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