I Don’t Write Much Anymore

I don’t write much anymore
It’s not that I have nothing to say
I’m just feeling too small
Or too big
Or maybe too nothing at all
When I pick up a pen
I am reminded of how fleeting life is
How my words might only reach a few people
And then be forgotten
Like I might one day be forgotten
I don’t write much anymore
Because what is there to say
When I don’t have the words
That would describe this knot in my chest
Or maybe it’s nothing
A blank spot where my heart should be
Like a black hole
And maybe you feel the same
Did you know
When black holes collide they create gravitational waves
So maybe
I don’t write much anymore
But if we came together
With our black hole hearts
We, too, could make waves
And maybe some will not care
But those who are looking
Might notice our impact
And we won’t be forgotten
Or maybe I’m wrong
I’m not right much anymore

I wrote this poem back in October I believe (I can’t say for sure because I didn’t date it like a DUMBY.) I was suffering from major writer’s block after having decided I would write a poem a week in the time up to the new year in order to have plenty of content to share when it came time to change my posting scheduling. Also I wasn’t exactly in the best place mentally or emotionally, as I’m sure you can tell. Isn’t it so much fun?

also #science


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  1. Naomi Byrnes says:

    I reckon a lot of writers could relate. I heard despair/despondency and longing for effectiveness and collaboration – to make a difference together, confidence that your efforts and words would make a difference. Or, at the very least, just to get the joy of writing back 😃 Anything like that?

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    1. Dang you’re good!
      Thanks so much for reading!


  2. Let your writing do the talking and I’m sure you can accomplish great things 🙂


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  3. I love this. I can relate and have recently not been writing much. I’m feeling right now that there is too much going on in the world and it’s a bit too overwhelming to write about.

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