Tell Me What You Want

I’m serious here. I’m looking for your input. I’ve become pretty overwhelmed with this new schedule for blogging and I’m finding it hard to find good topics to cover on Fridays. If you’ve read my new schedule post, you’ll know that I want to keep these days on the motivational/inspirational side of things. I mean, that can obviously be up for interpretation.

I really love the posts that I’ve been doing for my That’s Mental! series, even though there’s only two of them out so far. The only thing about that those posts is that I don’t have all the answers so I have to spend time researching to make these posts accurate and helpful. Because of that, I can’t post those as often as I would like. I’m hoping to be able to take some time and get a bunch prepared but until then, I want to know what else you would like to read from me.

I’m about to ask like 700 questions but if you could take some time just answer one or all, that would be a huge help to me!

How did you find my blog? What made you want to keep reading? Why did you decided to click follow? What types of blogs do you like to read/ are there any specifically you recommend? What conversations do you like to be a part of? What inspires your posts? Leave your thoughts in the comments. I want to really focus on growth this year and I need your help.

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