War and Plea

Dear Stranger,
Lonely man
Desperately begging
Once again
Every other word
An apology
For the next
Unanswered plea
Empty promise
That it’s the last
Never changing
From the past
Same old stories
You compose
Like poison ink
In clever prose
Giovane uno
I am no more
A messenger
Sent to war
I’ve made my peace
Forgave the wrong
I only ask
You let me move on

It’s been a long weekend, friends. I had a different poem scheduled for today but it felt like it needed to write this one. I guess I had the option to not post it but sometimes I gotta get it out in the world. I hope that your weekend was infinitely better than mine.

Also, as a side note, I tried SO HARD to fit in the word prompt for today into this post but I couldn’t. I looked up all the synonyms on lovingly I could find and twist to fit my poem but NOPE. Not this time. #rude (So instead I just posted a blurb about how I couldn’t do it and called it good.)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Quinn says:

    …..And it was good! I liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

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