Good Days

We still have good days
the kind that gives us wrinkles
from laughing until
our cheeks hurt and we can’t breath
and then still sometimes we don’t

What, another tanka poem? What did we do to deserve this? Just joking.

Anyway, I was having a bit of a bad mental health day when I wrote this poem. I think it helps to remind yourself that you’ve been okay before and you will be okay again. Also, you’re allowed to have bad days. What a shock! I’ve spent too much time making myself feel worse when I have bad days by not allowing myself to feel it, if that makes sense. Sometimes you just need to cut yourself some slack. We’ll make it through.


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  1. You are 100% right! Sometimes when we have bad days, it’s hard to remember there are more good to come! And it’s ok to be stuck in a funk sometimes. We can’t appreciate the good without some bad, can we?

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    1. So they say! Thanks!!!


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