Weekend In Tacoma

Happy belated Valentine’s day. Did you do anything lovely?

I won’t lie to you, this week hasn’t been very loving. When things in my personal life are out of whack I tend to throw myself head first into work to get my mind off of it. I spent my day working and getting things accomplished so my boss can come back to a streamlined, fully functioning office. It’s been a quiet week so far with our fearless leader off at a convention, but I’m not complaining. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to come to work and get the work done you need to without being pulled in 70 different directions.

I didn’t want to come on here and talk about work though, because seriously, who does that the week of Valentine’s day?

This weekend I took a trip to see my great grandma in Tacoma. She’s such a fun person. When I was younger I remember thinking she would live forever. I couldn’t imagine there ever being a time I would see her in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank in tow. She’s still as strong as ever though. She was joking with her friends and family, asking for a drink, the same grandma ive always known, only older. I am overwhelmed with gratitude every time I get to see her. Each year for her is a blessing I couldn’t be more thankful for.

Of course, the trip wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I just had to get sick. Thanks a lot, life. I can’t just have one nice relaxing weekend??? I don’t know if you know this, but traveling when you’re sick isn’t fun. I can promise you that no one wants to be stuck in a car listening to the sound of my sick-o mouth breathing. Even just typing that made me cringe. Nevertheless, I prevailed.

I don’t like taking sick days so even after I got back home, I powered trough it. I only had one miserable day at work and these last two have been manageable. Thank goodness for my immune system being mostly fully functioning.

I have so many good memories from this weekend though. We went to Shake Shake Shake, which is an adorable burger and shake diner in Tacoma. Then we headed down the the school around the corner to look around. As it turns out, that’s where my grandmother went to school. The kids around said it looked like a castle so I’m inclined to also call it that. I mean look for yourself.

I could take more road trips this year and not be upset. What about you?

I’ll catch you in the flip side


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