Taking Time To Recharge

I took a ‘me’ day this weekend. Actually it was only a ‘me’ hour but I’ll still count that. I opted to stay home from church Sunday morning because I just needed some time alone. Through the constant change and transition I’ve been going through over the last few years I’ve realized just how much constant interaction/stimulation affects me. I know that introverts are understood as being withdrawn, shy or antisocial, (for lack of a better word) however, I don’t think people understand why.

Extroverts and introverts are categorized by being either outgoing or shy, respectively. Though that might be the easiest cues to pick up on when figuring someone out, it’s not really how those labels work. Extroverts feed off the energy of others to keep them going. Spending time alone isn’t something that is appealing because they feel unsatisfied or like they’re wasting away. As an introvert, though, energy is created by time alone. Once our well of energy dries up, there’s no borrowing from our neighbors.

I’ve been running on empty for a while it feels like. Living with people, although nice, is exhausting. I constantly feel the need to be out and around when the others are home. Even if I’m not interacting, it still wears me out.

I’ve spent most of my life thinking that I would be better off living with other people because cooking for and taking care of others encourages me to take better physical care of myself. Like eating three meals a day, for example. What I didn’t realize though is that I am sacrificing mental health. I am trying to find a balance between the two which as it turns out is extremely difficult.

Mental health is something that we quickly brush off because it’s not visible. I could only eat one meal a day and people will instantly notice that whereas if I feel mentally exhausted it can go unnoticed for  days, weeks or even months. And like, HELLO! Don’t ignore that stuff. I can personally tell you that it only gets worse.

I had intended to spend Sunday morning relaxing and writing to get more blogs prepped for Mondays and Fridays but that didn’t happen. You know how life doesn’t always go as planned. I’ve been feeling this writers block lately and I think it’s because I haven’t been taking time to just recharge. So that’s what I did instead of spending time beating myself up for not being able to write anything.

I took time to drink a hot cup of coffee and make a nice breakfast. I sat at my table and listened to my favorite music. I watched the snow float around in the backyard. I gave myself a much needed break. There are many things that I could have been doing in order to have a productive week ahead but I told myself they could wait for a few hours.

If you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted, I highly encourage you to take a break. It will be extremely beneficial for you. And also, you deserve it. That’s what I often forget. I deserve to take a break and recharge. There is no shame in that.

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  1. Nice.. thank you for that!

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  2. Good for you! I totally agree– we can’t ignore our mental health. I’m glad you didn’t beat yourself up about it, you didn’t deserve that. We all need moments to charge up; good for you for taking the time for yourself!

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  3. Indeed, after work, taking some time off, giving the brain, a bit of rest is essential. I agree.


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