In The Throes

I’ve run out of stories
And new vocabulary
To explain the hurt I feel
I thought it would be different
But I guess that was only ignorance
To believe we could change the outcome
I wanted us to win this time
And not get caught and intertwined
In the throes of past mistakes
Now there’s eggshells where we walk
And we’re keeping secrets when we talk
only building walls between us
It gets harder every fight
To go back and make it right
And I’m scared of how this ends
I know we’ve both been growing tired
of all that has transpired
I only hope we can make it out again

This is a bit different, isn’t it? I’m not sure if I love the new rhyming pattern or not. But first and foremost, this blog is about practicing and getting better at my art and I’m really excited for what’s to come. For the record though, that isn’t to say I’m not proud of my old poetry. I’m just finally beginning to feel like my poetry is publishing worthy. Hopefully it’s not just angsty teenage fluff anymore. I guess that’s really up to the reader though.


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  1. Just for a record…A poetic mind is a blessed mind.

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    1. AWWWWWW I love it!

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      1. Thank you, just came to my mind after reading yours!

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  2. Kashia says:

    Whatever you say from the heart is goo. I always feel stupid posting my poetry as sometimes it rhymes too much but we all have to try at least?!

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    1. Oh my gosh! I used to force so much rhyming into my poetry. It was so cringey. But the only way to get better is to push through the cringe.


  3. Nice poem, I wouldn’t care about experimenting with it though as this seems like a great wee space for budding poets!

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  4. T Patrick Daly says:

    I think that it works well :-).

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