How To Keep Going

In a moment of desperation with today’s blog, I googled “what are the most commonly asked ‘how to’ questions.” I was obviously greeted with the map below, which although is funny, doesn’t give me inspiration for what to write today. Just my luck.


So here I am, staring at my computer not knowing what to write about. When I started this new schedule I was certain I would be able to find things to write about. There was no question about it. Now the only question I have is how to keep going. I feel like that can really translate to a lot of areas in life so, let’s go with that question.

How to keep going, when it seems like you can’t.

  • Take a break. Remove yourself from whatever it is that going on or that you’re working on and just breath. Work on a completely unrelated task. Whatever way you want to take a break, do that.
  • Create small goals. An example would be that you are over your day job and you want something new. You obviously can’t just up and leave but the longer you work there the more burnt out you get. Something needs to be done but you feel stuck. Breakdown the end goal of getting a new job into smaller goals. What is the first step for you?
  • Take care of yourself. Drink water. Eat a nice meal. Sleep. Your body is what keeps you alive, do something kind for it. Like sure, you and your body are the same but why not treat your body like you would treat someone else.
  • Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. We’re usually focused on where we want to be and how we aren’t there. That will usually get us down in the dumps. Take a moment to look at where you were when you began in relation to where you are now. Progress is not made over night. Congratulate yourself for making it this far. You’ve done so well! Gold star!
  • Ask for help. I know that’s everyone’s least favorite suggestion, but it helps not having to do anything alone. There have been many times when I was stuck and all I needed was just another person around while I completed a task. Help can be as simple as calling a friend to talk while you wash the dishes.
  • It’s okay to not be okay. That’s it. It is okay to have bad days. It’s okay to not be 100%. Be kind to yourself. No one really knows what they’re doing.


Today I’m thankful that my books will be delivered by the end of the day. (have I mention that I’m SO EXCITED about them?)

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  1. Good advice! The last one strikes me as especially important. It’s so easy to measure yourself against an impossible to achieve standard. Or perhaps worse, measure yourself against someone else.

    “No one really knows what they’re doing.” I love that! So true!

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  2. Hmm… good sub points. The one I liked was ‘Create small goals’. And the post was summed up beautifully with that quote. Overall, it was an interesting piece to read.

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    1. Thanks for reading ☺

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      1. You’re welcome. And I’ll be very happy, if you read some of my poems too, as soon as you get time.

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