A Review 2

I bought more poetry books and it was the best decision I’ve made on a whim in like, ever.

In the last review I posted, I told you that I had 10 other books sitting in my Amazon cart begging for me to buy them. I bought four of them. Let me reiterate. Best. Decision. EVER!


I really only meant to purchase one of these books so I guess I’ll start the review there.

Love and Other Small Wars by Donna-Marie Riley. Wow. Just wow! I purchased this having read the first poem in the book entitled “How to love your depressed lover”. That poem alone was worth the money I spent on this book. A few poems later though, you get a poem called “Go Gently About Your Love” and it’s probably one of the best pieces I’ve read about loving someone with depression. This book takes you through exactly what the title suggest. The simplicity of the cover is amazing. I love it. I gushed over it for maybe 2 minutes when I got it in the mail. I would definitely recommend this collection.

There is nothing to be done for you.
I am ready to forgive myself for that.

I am ready to stop viewing your
sadness as a failing on my part.

The first book I read in this shipment was Anchors & Vacancies by Kat Savage. The cover of this is such a beautiful red. It’s hard not to love it. This is a collection of 45 short poems about heartbreak and finding new love. I wouldn’t say that this book gave me feels from start to finish but it definitely had high points. None of the poems have titles so I can’t give you something to look up. However, My favorite poem in this book is number 22.

I always fell in love with the
because the hurt was so familiar
and in so many ways
it was safe.

After reading Caitlyn Siehl’s first book, I needed to see if Crybaby was just as wonderful. It was. In this collection there is a lot mythology related poetry and I love it so much. If you read my last review you would know that my favorite out of that collection was Mythology and Crybaby just gave me even more of that. This is definitely a rated R book so if you find offense to swearing and talk of “adult material” I would steer clear of this one. I know that most books that are published by Words Dance Publishing are similar so, again, I would just be mindful of that. The poem Airport really stuck out to me.

You wonder what she’s like when
she’s tired, when she’s not leaving,
if running really is so special
that it’s worth

Now, this last book is the longest of the four of them. I saved this one for last. I purchased Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine Von Radics because her bio said she was from Oregon and like, I gotta support my fellow Oregonians. Also, this books starts with a bang with a poem entitled “I stopped going to therapy.” It’s amazing. This book covers a lot of topics from love to abuse to family. It’s important to note that if you find that you are triggered by mention of abuse, this book might not be for you. I found myself taking pictures of poem after poem to keep in my phone so that I could read them again if I ever was without this book. That’s how much I love this. I have too many favorites to pick just one but here is one titled “It’s Just So Strange”

He used to love me,
and now
he’s just a stranger
who happens to know
all my secrets.

Is it too soon to read all of these again? They were delivered early afternoon on a Sunday and I read them all in one sitting. I don’t even know if I could pick a winner out of all four of these. I feel like I will need to read them over and over again which is strange to me because I’m not much for reading books more than once. I guess it’s different with poetry.

What about you? Is there a book you can read over and over again without getting tired of it?


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