Every day we rub shoulders with so many people. Not often do we see or think about what their life is like. The first time we meet can leave a good or bad impression. And for some, that first time is almost a farce as they struggle to pretend to be the people you expect them to be all the while struggling with the demons inside of them. 

I know. I’m one of the people who often have to struggle with depression, self-loathing, anxiety and fear. Having high functioning anxiety allows me to be “normal” when confronted with the world. But, it also leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. This exhaustion can often leave me doing things I believe will soothe or ease the tension growing. Instead it only withdraws myself more from the world around me. All the while looking normal to those I cross paths with, longing for help but too worn and beaten for the strength to ask for it.

And this is where this poem stems from. An almost push for those who have the strength to help your fellow man to extend an olive branch to those needing a hand. If you get a tug to reach out, please, from a person who often can’t ask for help, reach out. You don’t know the world of difference a simple smile, hug, or word of encouragement does.


We often look at strangers
And judge them at first sight
Not knowing what’s going on
Not knowing the internal fight
We judge them by the way they stand
Or the clothes that’s on their back
We judge them by their odor
Or the shoes that they may lack
We judge them by the words they say
Or their blackened teeth
We judge them by their jewelry
Or the location where we meet
But often time these strangers
Have fallen from life’s struggle
Without the strength to persevere
Their life just tends to crumble

I know that crumbling feeling
For I’ve experienced once or twice
The moment the world gives out
And you’re left with just your vice
It’s that moment when your strength
Has depleted from your soul
When the darkness engulfs you
And you can’t take it anymore
It’s that moment when you can see
Yourself in happier memories
So you drink into oblivion
To numb your sensory
It’s that moment that you feel
Like help is nowhere to be found
But little do you know, my friend
Help is all around

Grab a stranger by the hand
And prove they aren’t alone
And watch the fight return
In their eyes so brightly shown
They’ll put away the poison
Wash the dirt from their eyes
Grateful for the promise
Of their devils demise
When you grab a stranger by the hand
Something in them changes
Encouraged by another’s strength
They’ll fight for all the ages
Take hold of a stranger’s hand
And watch the poison retreat
Lifting them to greener pastures
To get them on their feet

Don’t judge a book by its cover
For all these strangers need
Is someone to say I’m right here
To help us see all life’s beauty
There are people all around you
Who can barely whisper for relief
Don’t be afraid to hold their hand
And whisper your belief

This poem was just finding a way to really combat my vices. This is a plea from me. If you see someone who may need help, help them. We often don’t know what someone is going through unless the let us know. xoxo

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  1. Thanks so much for being the first guest blogger on my site! You’re great and your poem is bomb dot come slash amazing

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