A Schedule Update

This last month I have been working diligently on revamping my schedule. No, I don’t mean I’m going to be switching my post days or times. I guess you could call this micromanaging my schedule. Laugh all you want at this, but I’m actually proud of myself.

If you’ve been here since January you’ll have seen my new schedule post in which I explain the breakdown of my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts. Although I am ultimately happy with this posting schedule, I want to take it a step further. I have a tendency to fall behind on my Friday posts because I’m not fully prepared but NOT ANYMORE!

I’m sure you’ve noticed but I have started a few series here and I want to make them a bit more consistent and so that is exactly what I’m going to do. Behold my new and improved posting schedule!

Monday will stay poetry. I’ve been doing really well keeping up with that so I’m not concerned. However, I would like to feature another poet every other quarter. If you would like to have your poetry featured, drop a line below. Leave a link to your work so I can check you out!

Wednesday has always been personal narratives about the day to day grind. I have also included a couple poorly formed reviews on impulse purchases of poetry books and I’m going to be continuing that series as well.

The schedule will go as follows:

  • Book Reviews
  • Story Time
  • Train of Though/ Updates
  • Letters to Wednesday

Fridays were meant to be inspirational/Motivational and I would like to still consider it that, I don’t know that it fully follows suit. Fridays is where I have been posting all of my series Ideas and so that’s the way it will stay. Here’s what to expect:

  • How To (also occasionally called “a bullshitter’s guider”)
  • Getting Baked
  • That’s Mental!
  • (name redacted as you’ve not heard about this yet)

And that’s what I have so far. I would love to hear your thoughts about my schedule. Is it working? Am I too all over the place for this blog to be successful? Let me know in the comments below.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. I haven’t been following you very long but these ideas look great! Excited to keep reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your support!!


  2. Cory Melancon says:

    So excited for all the new content luv your blog so much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading!


  3. haleigh says:

    Schedules…my blog needs that kind of discipline. Can’t wait to read these!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I first started blogging I didn’t have a schedule in mind. It’s all about what works for you. You’ll find something that works for your blog too.
      Thanks for the support!

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  4. Saumya Agrawal says:

    How do you make yourself stick to these schedules?

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    1. I failed pretty hard this year at sticking to my schedule. However something that really helped when I was still actively posting was that I would pick a day that I would dedicate to writing to prepare for the next week of posts. When I created the schedule I had a clear view of what I wanted to write about and where I wanted to take the blog which helped in preparing blogs each week. I think the most important thing I learned in the process is that it’s okay to mess up. Be patient with yourself. Consistency takes practice.

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      1. Saumya Agrawal says:

        I’ll make a schedule for myself and try to stick to it. Thanks a lot! šŸ™‚

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      2. Best of luck! You’ve got this šŸŽ‰

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Saumya Agrawal says:

        Thankyou! šŸ˜‡šŸ¤—


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