How To Create A Schedule And Stick To It

Last week you may have read that I was making a schedule that was a bit more strict and I figure why not talk about how I’m doing it. (Even if I did immediately skip a day. I’m calling it a vacation.)

  1. Be passionate about the thing.
    • Make sure you really care about what you’re trying to schedule. If you don’t, the schedule really won’t work. I know that there are things we try and schedule in our lives that maybe aren’t the most fun. Things such as waking up early or exercising but if you are doing them for a reason then you’ll be more successful.
  2. Try out different days to do the thing.
    • For me, that’s blogging. When I started blogging, my weekends were Tuesday and Wednesday which meant that I was able to spend a day writing and then post the following day. I was well pleased with that. After a year of that schedule I wanted to up the stakes and get better at my craft so I switched to posting three times a week. The M/W/F schedule made the most sense to me in order to keep things evenly spaced.
  3. Find a time of day that works best.
    • I post everything at 12pm PST because BALANCE. If I miss that time frame I won’t end up posting. That is personal preference but I find that it helps me stay on track.
  4. Time blocking
    • Now that you have the best day and time to do the thing, put it on the calendar. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and get to work. Since I have a hard time balancing working, cooking and writing during the week I schedule time on the weekends to prepare blogs. Recently I have been falling behind on that but I’m back, BABY!
  5. Schedule breaks
    • This goes in conjunction with step four. It’s important that you value this time and make sure that you don’t double book yourself. I know it’s tempting to have cheat days but your schedule needs your follow through. Schedule days or weeks off like you would for a job so that you don’t get burnt out. For example, I have prepared a couple weeks worth of blogs so that I can have a week off to treat myself.
  6. Don’t give up.
    • When I first began blogging, I missed my fair share of Wednesday posts because I didn’t plan my time wisely. I always would beat myself up for failing at what I set out to do but that will only make you want to give up. Just because you didn’t meet a deadline doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You will always be able to try again. Be kind to yourself.
  7. Just do it.
    • Lastly, stop making excuses. It’s never too late to do something. There are never too many people doing something. You can do it!

Is there something you are trying to fit into your schedule? What it is and what do you hope to gain with it? Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on and support your journey!

Au Revoir.


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  1. Great tips here! I never thought of blogging on different days (not on purpose anyway).

    Quick question about the daily prompt. This is the first time I’ve responded to the daily prompt. Do I just link to the prompt page or do I have to use the exact HTML code?

    Any help you offer would be appreciated 🙂

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    1. All you have to do is post the https link and it will create a ping back.

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      1. Ah ok. Thanks so much!


  2. Lucky#28 says:

    Great post. I tried making a to-do list on my phone – that didn’t work: too many distractions. I the got a weekly planner that has plenty of space for writing. it’s easy to see – when and what needs to be done, when I have free time, and its easier to make changes to the schedule. So far works for me.
    Plus I am a fan of writing things down on paper. My memory works better that way.

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    1. I love that idea!! It’s great to have things written down. Even for memorization sake. I find that I remember something easier when I physically wrote it down. Something with muscle memory I suppose!

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      1. Lucky#28 says:

        When I was in school, I’d re-write my own notes from class. Yeah, it is some kind of memory “enhanced” by muscles

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