A Review 3

Maybe I have a problem but honestly, I’m not even worried about it. As usual, there are 4 books that I ordered this month. I’m going to say that is because it averages to about one book per week, even if I read them in one sitting.

I wanted to savor these books when I go them in so I didn’t even read them on the first night after them being delivered. Once I started, I just powered through all of them. I wouldn’t say I devoured though. I feel like some of these poems went right over my head. Let’s just jump right in.

The first book I read was Forgive Me My Salt by Brenna Twohy. Brenna is from Portland and you know how I gotta support my home state people! I had heard a few of her poems on YouTube and was drawn to the titles of the poems. She is very creative when it comes to naming her poems and I love it. My only gripe is that I think that a lot of these poems are meant to be preformed rather than read. Like, I know she’s a slam poet but I wish that each of these pages had a little video of her performing the poem with the words written below so I could follow along. I guess that’s what YouTube is for. My favorite poem in this collection is called Anxiety: A Ghost Story.

When I tell you
panic is a stubborn phantom,
she will grab hold of me
and not let go for months–
this is the part of the story
when everyone is telling you to run.

The second book I read is The Dogs I Have Kissed by Trista Mateer. I won’t lie to you. This one is my favorite of the four that I purchased this time. I love the way the cover looks and how many poems there are in the book. If I counted correctly, there are 66 poems in this book and it’s split into 3 different sections. I found myself laughing through poems such as Texts I Shouldn’t Have Sent My Ex (1 and 2.) Then on the other hand I found myself getting sad and angry at other poems like I Was Nineteen Years Old and For Selene Who Is Not Dead but Wanted to Be. This book is filled with so much emotion that you have to take a few breaks to let it sink it. I would suggest taking your time with this book. I promise it’s worth it. One of my favorites (although it was hard to pick) is  Today I Accidentally Told Someone That I Love you.

but you are still too far away
and I am not braver than distance.

Next up, Dream Girl by Clementine von Radics. I love how simple the cover is of this book. What I don’t like is how large the print is. I don’t know if that just happened to be the one I purchased or if they’re all like that but I was distracted by it. Obviously though, that doesn’t take away from the poems, it’s just a person thing. Dream Girl is her second collection of poetry but I prefer her collection which you can read my review of here. In this book there is a poem that you see repeated multiple times and I really like the way that is done. I thought it was really different for a collection like this. You Are on the Floor Crying.

No one else gets to tell you

what your tough looks like.

Lastly, Belly Of The Beast by Ashe Vernon. I was excited about this book when I purchased it. I couldn’t wait for a book filled with “fairytale” undertones. This book again, comes in three parts and I would say that I much preferred the first two to the last one. However, thinking about it, I think that could have been that I was reading late at night and I wanted to finish before I fell asleep. It felt a little like a chore to finish out. That being said, I still think the poems were beautiful and worth reading. The artwork on the cover is incredible. I feel like I say that about most of these collections but this is awesome. My favorite of this collection is called House of Athena.

The goddess gave her venom.
And it wasn’t punishment,
it was protection,
so that man could never hurt her again.

I already have my next books picked out and ready to buy but I figure I should be responsible with my money and not use my entire tax refund on buying books. Or maybe I will spend it all on books, I’ll just spread it out over time so I can feel better about myself. Are there any books you think I’ll love? Let me know in the comments!


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