Letter to Heartbreak

How do I explain
A grief that was never mine
But it’s your birthday
And I don’t know what to say
Except I wish you were here

I wonder about
How different life would be
If you had stayed
A few weeks might have changed
The direction of our lives

But now

I don’t think of you
As often as I think I should
And I feel guilty
For being so forgetful
Maybe even nonchalant

But sometimes I read
Old letters that I wrote you
To try and recall
All the blissful memories
From before you said goodbye

Yet even now I can’t
Bring myself to play your song
To hear the story
I imagined your future
Could have ended up to be

Now empty hallways
Map the pictures in our minds
Void of you and warmth
And we’re ghosts passing graveyards
Praying you come home again


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