Goodbye: A Follow Up

I’ve officially been gone from my last job for a year (as of Sunday.) I find it so weird to compare and contrast where I am now and where I was. In a lot of ways there are similarities.

For example, I have a backlog of funds in which I could quit my job and go traveling. That was one of the reasons I gave for leaving my last job and I never really got that chance. Other than the Boise trip, which I would totally do again in a heartbeat.

Or the fact that I still like I’m not doing what will makes me content.

I find myself constantly being reminded of the reasons I left my last job and trying to validate my desire to leave this job. Honestly, I know that I should stick it out but it’s hard when you want to be putting your time and effort elsewhere.

I wish I could tell you that I have it figured out now, but I don’t. It’s been a strange year for me. I’ve felt very stagnant mentally while the world around me shifts and changes. I want to be part of that excitement but I also like stability and routines. It’s difficult for me to find the balance.

I took a few weeks off writing and now everything feels difficult. Trying to jump back into things is quite a challenge for me. I feel like I have so many ideas but none of them have words to go with them. I’m confident it will come around. I just have to be patient and not give up as much as I want to.

I hope all is well. Have you been practicing a second language with me this month? How’s that going? I’ve been having a blast! One of my favorite songs is on French so I’ve been trying to learn that on my guitar. It’s coming along but I still have a ways to go before sharing it.


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  1. I feel the same and do so every few years. I feel like although I like my life I’m bored and a change of job is on the cards.

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    1. I feel like it’s definitely time for a change


  2. I’ve been feeling similar. I have been studying my whole life. Literally, I have done nothing but study and work hard and earn good grades. This year I decided to join a volunteering program. I’ll be gone for three months. I won’t be earning anything. But I really wanted a change and a new experience.

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