Hair (Not Just a Musical)

I think I can officially call myself a hair professional. I have spent the last 6 months or so, completely frustrated with my hair. It wasn’t really any one’s fault but my own. Well and the fact that the person who usually does my hair decided to move to the middle of no where. I guess I can blame her. I love when things aren’t my fault.

I should just such it up and go to beauty school but I’m a flake and I hate following through with things.

So a week and a half ago I finally got to the point where I was tired of what my hair was doing and took matter into my own hands. Up until this point, I had been trying to replicate what I had been having done and it wasn’t working. I decided it was time to mix up some bleach and get to work.

#professional, I know.

By the time this was done, my hair was yellow. Not what I wanted but a step in the right direction. I could manage with that for a second knowing that I would be toning it that night. Then of course, plans changed. My sister ended up coming over and we had a game night and I was up late knowing full well I had to be up and at ’em early Saturday.

As I mentioned before, I went back to where I used to live for the weekend to see old friends. That will be a story for a different day, but long story short here, I went to one friends house and I knew the second I walked in that I needed to hurry up and fix my hair. You could see it in her eyes. She’s a terrible liar.

So after the quick discussion of how I knew it needed to be fixed and that I just didn’t have the time yet, I got to work. I went to the beauty store and bought hair color and toners and got to work. I was determined to sort out the mess I had made of my hair.

I put one toner on, just to see how it would work and then started to get worried that I got the wrong color. Spoiler alert, I did. I mean, to be fair, it wasn’t terrible. It just had the wrong base to it. My hair was a green toned ash and I was NOT feeling it.

Of course, by this point I had to just put up with it until I got back home because I didn’t want to spend more time in my hotel room that I could be using to see my friends.

Once I made it back home, I found my stash of hair products and luckily had an abundance of the toner I should have purchased all along! This one was fun, it’s a purple toner and so I got to walk around pretending I was coloring my hair purple. I don’t know if you know this about me but if I could have any color hair, it would be purple.

It worked. I finally got hair that I was excited to show off. I took far too many pictures and I ain’t even ashamed of that. Anyway, I’m just really excited and I wanted to brag about how great I did. Here is what it looks like a week later.

I’ll catch you on the flip side!



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