Wanna Bet? – Gratitude

I failed. I wanted so badly to get on track with being thankful for something every day and here I am, at the end of the month, with nothing to show for it. I think there were three times this month I stopped to really think about it. I don’t want to give up trying. I will be extending my challenge to this month so I can try again but that won’t stop me from coming up with a new challenge.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the WORST at eating breakfast. This month I want to really get on track with eating healthier and that means eating breakfast. That, in turn, means waking up earlier, and hopefully going to bed earlier as well. I’ve allowed myself to slip into a poor sleep schedule and it’s throwing off my groove.


Starting tomorrow I will be up and at ’em by 6am everyday to get my day started on the right foot. Well, really the 6am thing will start Monday because I’m not going to include weekends. But starting tomorrow I will be eating well balanced meals and loving every minute of it. Probably.

Listen, I know I should be more optimistic about it but it’s certainly not going to be easy. I do not function well in the morning if I didn’t get enough sleep which is why I started sleeping later in the first place. The heart of this challenge is to just eat breakfast but everything really adds up to that. So I’m taking on a lot. I’m freaking out, man. FREAKING OUT!

This will be fine. I’ll be okay. Right? Right.

We’ll see how this month turns out.

I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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