Disappearing Act

Mama said there’d be days like this There’d be days like this, my mama said. What mama didn’t know Is that days like this Arrive like disappearing acts Which sounds vague, I know, but hear me out. This morning I woke up Or so I thought. I opened my eyes Threw back the covers And…


When push comes to shove You’re never ready to say goodbye It’s always one more day And maybe we can fix it Our hearts were made to believe In happily ever after So you can imagine How, after all that’s been said, I wish I could take it back And rewind To the day we…

For Addy

This year is different. I’ve already lost you in so many ways But tonight I felt your name Lost on the tip of my tongue And I cried myself to sleep. Because it’s just another day To all the people I never told, And our little family Couldn’t be farther apart. What would they think…

The Unlwelcome

I dreamt of you last night A kind of reminder Of what we’ve gone through before The unwelcome The weight of blame And after all of that I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye Even knowing how it ends I wonder how I ever did

Always Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will turn the page And close the book Tomorrow The story ends And I will have to carry on Tomorrow, Always tomorrow, I will say goodbye To the stars To the moon To us Tomorrow I will not wake up And tell you I love you No matter how badly I want to

Torrential Downpours

I told myself Today The sun rose Somewhere in the sky Behind torrential downpours Which is the truth But it’s also what I tell myself On days When the darkness is winning.


There are days When I look in the mirror And I don’t like what I see I’ll push and pull All the parts I dislike Until they fit the mold Of someone else’s body But most of the time When I look, I don’t see myself at all (Not like a vampire though. That would…


In ev’ry story I’ve given a piece of me But I’m still unheard

Morning Comes

Morning comes Before I’ve had the chance To say goodbye to the stars And I’m tired Of the the waking The working The wondering if I could be more If I could do more Tonight will come With a quiet peace Whispering of futures I could have And then morning will come Before I have…


When we wake again Will I still remember you Will you still be here


Today laughter spilled from my mouth, filled the room with a sound I have grown unfamiliar with And I wonder how it ever came to this


I knew months before I ever dared to say goodbye That forever was going to end And when that day came I would have to walk away And not look back. I almost made it But something called me back Some small piece of me Still attached To who we used to be. I try…