A dream is a wish your heart makes


Better Days

I woke up again Just like I did yesterday In fits of rage and Memories of better days Begging for five more minutes

Glad I’m Home

Darkness gnashes it’s teeth Opens it’s mouth And goes for the kill I do not fight it I don’t play dead I do not run away This time I walk straight into the belly of the beast Take off my shoes And turn in for the night Darkness makes a comfy bed A good night…

Maybe That’s Okay

I remember the day you told me I wasn’t allowed to place my happiness On a person like you I remember how you didn’t understand That I was telling you I loved you, Or maybe you did. I remember that’s how it always is Your wall My knock You turning your back. Maybe I said…

5 Years From Now

They tell me I have commitment issues That not making a choice, is still making a choice to let others choose for you They ask me what I want to be doing in 5 years time And I tell them I do not know. I am afraid of starting over I am afraid of starting…


Maybe there are days That I am more remember Than I am forgive


Loneliness hangs heavy at my feet Crawls on me like spiders And fills my lungs with smoke Loneliness reminds me this is my fault Replays every mistake I made Tells me they are better off Loneliness climbs in my bed Suffocating me with memories To keep me awake Loneliness is my past My present My…

Dog-Ear Pages

You make me want to dog-ear pages in the new poetry books you make me want to buy every other week just to explain how I feel in words other than my own and I hate you for that.


I gave you the last of my words in poem you will never read and a secret I will keep until the sun stops setting


In the stillness of the night When your breath is no longer the soundtrack No longer the lullaby To send me off to sleep I reach for his hands. I’m not sure if I love him But I like that he is different That he is nothing like you And nothing like the one before.

Convenience Store

Is there something in my eye That blinks like and open sign In a convenience store window At 3am When all the other stores are closed I mean, When all the other girls are asleep I mean, When I am the only one left?

A Haiku

She will hurt you in unimaginable ways. You will love her still