Morning Comes

Morning comes Before I’ve had the chance To say goodbye to the stars And I’m tired Of the the waking The working The wondering if I could be more If I could do more Tonight will come With a quiet peace Whispering of futures I could have And then morning will come Before I have…


When we wake again Will I still remember you Will you still be here


Today laughter spilled from my mouth, filled the room with a sound I have grown unfamiliar with And I wonder how it ever came to this


I knew months before I ever dared to say goodbye That forever was going to end And when that day came I would have to walk away And not look back. I almost made it But something called me back Some small piece of me Still attached To who we used to be. I try…

The Nerve

I still write to you Just in case I get the nerve To tell you the truth

Blind Spot

Looking back on it all It makes sense That we’re here today Keeping our distance Avoiding eye contact (Metaphorically, of course) It’s been almost a year Since I saw you last And I’m actually scared Thinking about the day I do Will it all flood back? Will I be back at square one? Do I…


I know it’s weird To be sitting here Staring at my coffee Thinking about you But I still order our drink And I wonder if you remember What my usual was Before you. Because sometimes I forget There was something that came before And likewise, Something will come after. Maybe it’s not just about coffee….

This Time

I woke up And you were still gone, But this time I felt a little lighter. I got out of bed Opened the curtains And thanked the rain For helping me grow And giving me a clean slate

Not This Time

Goodbye is quiet There are no crickets Or sirens No sound of rain against the window Sometimes there are tears But not tonight No, not this time Tonight I let myself believe it will be okay That I’ll wake up tomorrow And you’ll be here Picking up my pieces Gluing me back together


I can feel us Slipping out of sync Into words like goodbye I’m trying to get a grip On reality But the clouds are heavy And my mind is lost at sea None of the analogies Are matching anymore This chaos is stirring Like a tornado Always that Two opposites colliding It was fun once…


I used to turn to you Time after time Thinking you could save me How unfair it was To weigh you down With all of my baggage When you deserved the chance to fly Maybe you could call it love Through a sepia toned memory A silent film That could never convey The whole truth…


Without Won’t stop knocking at my door Showing up with photo albums Of memories I never made Reminding me of a life I almost had