In the stillness of the night When your breath is no longer the soundtrack No longer the lullaby To send me off to sleep I reach for his hands. I’m not sure if I love him But I like that he is different That he is nothing like you And nothing like the one before….

Wanna Bet? – Gratitude

I failed. I wanted so badly to get on track with being thankful for something every day and here I am, at the end of the month, with nothing to show for it. I think there were three times this month I stopped to really think about it. I don’t want to give up trying….

A Letter To June

Dear June, What a whirlwind you’ve been. I did not expect for my life to be going in this direction. What direction that is, I’m not quite sure. It’s new and uncertain and so very different. Everyday I am faced with reminders of how different things are from the last time. Or really, how different…

Convenience Store

Is there something in my eye That blinks like and open sign In a convenience store window At 3am When all the other stores are closed I mean, When all the other girls are asleep I mean, When I am the only one left?

Taking A Break

I’ve been staring at this blank page for half an hour now. I feel a mix of sadness and frustration. I’ve not kept up with planning posts and getting the right blogs scheduled for the right days. I’ll get back on track. I know I will eventually but for now, if I can ask you…

Meeting The Parents

This has been a weird and surprising week, to say the least. Work has been hectic and stressful. Personal life has been hectic and stressful. And romantic life has been, a thing? I know. Even I’m surprised.  Honestly I’m not going to go into details because I’m uncomfortable with the idea of that. But in…

A Haiku

She will hurt you in unimaginable ways. You will love her still

A Twelve Step Guide To Staying Single

Look, I know you’re all wondering how I’ve managed to be single for as long as I have. I don’t want to say that I’m an expert at this but I’ve been single all my life with the exception of 10 months. Okay, maybe I do want to say I’m an expert. Being single is…

Hair (Not Just a Musical)

I think I can officially call myself a hair professional. I have spent the last 6 months or so, completely frustrated with my hair. It wasn’t really any one’s fault but my own. Well and the fact that the person who usually does my hair decided to move to the middle of no where. I…

Picture Perfect

I was raised A picture perfect family With smiles and laughter Painted so precisely You might not notice A sideways glance Shared in the the silence Of the setting sun These are things Too good to be true But you don’t notice The toxic trail of fumes Filling a canvas With the freckled faces Of…

Wanna Bet? – Parlez-vous Francais?

I was meant to post this last week. Oops! I’m really falling behind with my schedule. We have now finished our month of practicing new language. As you are aware, I chose to work on my French. You know, the language of love. There was no love to be spoken though. This month I spent…

A Review 4

As I am writing this, I am sitting in a hotel room in Vancouver with none of these books with me. I can’t believe I forgot this review was coming up. I’ve been falling behind with my blog and I feel all sorts of guilty about it. All of that aside, let’s jump right in….